Payroll & RTI


You focus on your business while we do your payroll leaving. 

We offer a Weekly, Monthly and Fortnightly Payroll Service.


If you are a new business, we can set up a PAYE scheme with HMRC on your behalf.

How It Works

RTI (Real Time Information)

Since RTI was introduced in April 2013, you have to be very quick and accurate reporting to HMRC. RTI is a legal requirement for an employer to report pay information instantly to HMRC. You need to submit an FPS – full payment submission  – to HMRC every time you pay your employees.

There is also a requirement to send other RTI in certain instances, including an EPS – Employer Payment Summary, for example when you are reporting maternity pay information.


In April 2015, HMRC introduced instant fines of £100 upwards for late RTI submissions so let us reduce your administrative burden and help you to avoid these costs.