Why Outsource your Payroll in 2024?

The start of the new tax year is the perfect time to outsource your Payroll. Many businesses now choose to outsource to an expert payroll company. So why should you consider this for your company?

Saves Time – When you outsource your payroll, it gives you and your staff more time to focus on your business. It also better utilises accounts or HR staff elsewhere.

Expertise –Payroll has become increasingly complex. By using a payroll specialist there is no need for you or your employees to stay up to date with the ever-changing legislation.

Cover-If your in-house payroll person goes on holiday or becomes sick, do you have suitable skilled cover for this? When you use a payroll bureau this is no longer an issue.

Reduce Costs – You will reduce staff costs on time spent doing payroll tasks and will no longer have payroll software fees, as this is included in the price with a payroll bureau.

Added to this, the fines arising from mistakes can very costly, so using an expert can help to avoid this risk.

Data Security – Using the latest technology, Payroll companies can ensure your company and employee data is secure. Look for Payroll providers that hold the Cyber Essentials certificate to ensure data security. This is now considered essential for larger companies.

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